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Position Name:   Extrusion line operator
Education:   Associate degree or above
Profession:   unlimited
Job requirements   *Minimum two years operation experience in extrusion line
  *Independently operate the extrusion line
  *Deal with common faults and solve production difficulties in extrusion line.
Position name:   R&D engineer
Education:   Bachelor degree or above
Profession:   polymer
Job requirements   *Minimum three years R&D experience in plastic enterprise
  *Comprehensively master modified plastics theory and have distinguished ability in scope of technological processing, product development and production manufacturing
  *Deeply understand the knowledge of various plastic raw materials and modified promoter properties.
  *Great ambition, rigorous working attitude and innovation spirit.
  *Perfect skills to communicate with customers, sales managers and professionals working in production and quality checking departments.
Position name:   International business manager
Education:   Bachelor degree or above
Profession:   International economics and trade; English
Job requirements   *Minimum two years working experience in international sales
  *Takes responsibilities to exploit international market, introduces and sells product, receives foreign customers, prepares company exhibition and achieves the annual sales aim.
  *Masters outstanding expanding capability and negotiation skills in business activity.
  *Maintains great ambition and independent working ability.
  *Exploiting and innovation spirit.